Take Him Out to the Ballgame. Take Him Out to the Crowds. For Stadium Security, You Want ROAMEO On Your Team.

Right now, the thought of heading to a major sporting event is the stuff of dreams. In fact, after so many months of social distancing, many of us would pay a pretty penny just to safely hang out in a stadium parking lot with 80,000 of our closest friends, drinking beer, grilling dogs, and talking trash. Who needs the game?

In-person sporting events will resume one day soon, and when that time comes, our security will be aided by a new non-human helper. It’s ROAMEO, the autonomous robotic security guard. Sports fans will love ROAMEO. He’s burlier than an offensive lineman, as tall as a basketball center, has better vision than a batting champion, and is as attention-grabbing as the goofiest looking mascot.

While he’d make a darn-good robotic athlete, ROAMEO’s top priorities are outside the stadium, maintaining security and public safety. He serves as a crime deterrent, keeping an eye on activities and helping out as needed. With 360 degree cameras in his turret and the ability to collect video from a tethered drone, 40-feet up, ROAMEO sees and records his surroundings in stunning detail. Security professionals can remotely monitor that video in real-time. Should something catch their attention – a fight, unruly fans, a fender bender – ROAMEO can roll on over for a closer look.

The public can actively seek ROAMEO’s assistance. Hit his panic button and a security officer appears on one of ROAMEO’s two, 21-inch touch screens, ready to provide support for any number of issues: a theft, a suspicious package, a missing child, or a medical emergency. The remote security officer can see and hear what’s happening, communicate with individuals on-site, and immediately summon live officers to help.

ROAMEO is happy to assist with less serious problems too. Like “Where’s the closest porta-potties?” “Where the heck did I park the car?” Or, “#$@&%*! I locked my keys inside!” ROAMEO, along with his human counterparts, can provide the full complement of concierge services that are a part of traditional guard service responsibilities. All of this will make ROAMEO one popular guy with the sports fans. Still, it’s the stadium security team that will want to designate ROAMEO as its MVP when it comes to crisis management.

Earthquakes. Lightning strikes. Active Shooters. Terrorist Attacks. No matter how bad it gets, ROAMEO will remain one cool cucumber, ready to take the lead in broadcasting public address messages, displaying digital signage, and – with help from AERO – provide a bird’s eye view to law enforcement and first responders. Live video provides situational awareness, while recorded video can assist with later investigations and prosecutions. No power? No problem. ROAMEO runs for hours on batteries and transmits collected video and data via an enhanced cellular connection. He remains connected and operational in all weather and emergency conditions. He’s also not restricted to patrolling paved parking lots. Rugged construction and industrial-grade wheels allow him to hop curbs, climb hills with a 15° grade, and traverse grass, gravel, snow, and ice.

And here’s one more benefit ROAMEO delivers. Given his high visibility and cool-factor, sponsors will clamor for the right to make ROAMEO “theirs.” Whether that involves a custom paint job or leveraging his oversize dual screens for digital advertising, ROAMEO’s marketability can help underwrite his operating costs. You can’t do that with a human officer!

Once it’s safe to return and cheer on your favorite team at your local sports arenas and stadiums, look to ROAMEO to keep things safe in new and innovative ways.