Sean Smith

Special Consultant

Sean is a forward thinking challenge oriented tech entrepreneur excellent at transforming innovative ideas and concepts, and developing them into sustainable companies and profitable revenue streams. Serving in senior level leadership positions he is driven to serve and to helping those around him. An awarding winning executive (2014 Wings Magazine Top 20 Under 40 Award Recipient), a recognized stakeholder by Transport Canada for UAV related items, a mentor at McGill University’s B21, and a founding member of the ENSCO Canadian Division. In 2015, he founded VOZWIN a firm that is focused on providing end-to-end services and solutions to solve problems in alternate revenue stream development, corporate strategic initiatives, product realization, and digital transformation.

A senior leader with the vision and leadership to strategically plan, motivate teams and align organizations on important priorities in order to scale and capitalize on emerging business opportunities. Serving in Senior Leadership positions at both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, from start-up to 10,000+ employee size organizations. Expertise includes: Leadership/Coaching, Team Development, Strategic Planning/Execution, Business/Operations Strategy, Governance, Business Transformation, Partnership Development, Bid Proposals, Contract Negotiations, Scale, Profit and Loss Management, Employee/Client Retention, Account Management, Continuous Improvement, Fundraising, Business Development, Research/Development, Engineering, and Product Management.  

Sean is known for driving business results and maximizing profitability through the delivery of exceptional product quality, focus on the front-line, service and leadership of people, transformative ideas, and processes. Proven track record for building and leading innovative engineering development teams and organizations to increase revenue growth; shaping business and group goals; and leading executive/management teams to achieve corporate goals and exceed client expectations.