Anywhere and everywhere. Because that “R” in ROAMEO doesn’t stand for “robot” or “remote.” It stands for “rugged.” What good is a wimpy electronic security guard? If he can’t hop a curb, climb a hill, traverse rough terrain, or is deterred by bad weather, he may as well just stay home.

ROAMEO is one tough character, from his wheels on up. Just compare him to other security robots on the market. Their small, caster-sized wheels and tippable frames limit their movement to indoors or smooth, level outdoor surfaces. Even in those ideal conditions and controlled environments, “mishaps” occur. That can’t happen with ROAMEO. With an incredibly low center of gravity and four heavy-duty, treaded, rubber wheels, ROAMEO drives like a golf cart, a very nimble, smart, and aware golf cart. True four-wheel steering and four-wheel drive let ROAMEO turn on a dime and spin in place. Imagine a Mars rover breakdancing. That’s ROAMEO, a modern marvel of power, dexterity, and intelligence.

Atop ROAMEO are four powerful digital cameras, arranged to provide 360-degree views. ROAMEO’s unrestricted mobility lets these cameras do their work, capturing video from anywhere his wheels take them. The video is recorded onboard and transmitted, live, back to a central monitoring station. ROAMEO can guard construction sites, patrol loading docks, navigate university pathways, surveil fields and grounds, and explore remote, undeveloped property. At a top speed of 12mph, he can cover territory as quickly as a cross country track star running 5-minute miles. Without water breaks. In rain or sleet or snow or mud. And in the dark.

How can he do that? With advanced automotive-grade LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology. ROAMEO uses his four cameras for security duties, but that’s not how he gets around. Instead, he employs the same advanced sensor technology that’s used by self-driving cars. To navigate, ROAMEO detects backscattered light in the near-infrared frequency, allowing him to “visualize” his surroundings in complete darkness. This LiDAR also ensures the safety of humans that ROAMEO encounters. After all, this is the same AI technology that Volvo and Ford are installing in their next generation of autonomous automobiles. If LiDAR can safely navigate busy expressways, you know it can handle your security patrol. 

Where will you be seeing ROAMEO? That’s really up to the marketplace. When you start with his unrivaled mobility and vision and add brains to the package – both the human and computerized variety – ROAMEO’s possibilities are endless. His four powerful cameras and four powerful wheels render him … wait for it … truly fourmidable!