ROAMEO Elevates Security to New Heights. With AERO.

Batman had Robin. Starsky had Hutch. C-3PO had R2-D2. ROAMEO, our newest security robot with a bit of superhero mixed in, has AERO.

Like the best dynamic duos, ROAMEO and AERO complement each other with their specialized talents. ROAMEO is the 700-pound ground-based marvel; AERO is his smaller airborne partner. ROAMEO sees the world from the top of his 6’8” terrestrial body; AERO surveils from 40 feet up. Despite their physical differences, they share a mission. In fact, they are inseparable. Literally.

You see, AERO is a drone who, when not patrolling the skies, parks itself within a special compartment within ROAMEO’s wheeled frame. When AERO’s services are needed, ROAMEO can autonomously launch and pilot it. At all times, the two remain connected by a strong and flexible tether.

Why does ROAMEO need a sidekick? Because despite his size, height, and technological wizardry, he has his limits. When tasked with providing complete situational awareness of a sprawling property, there’s no substitute for a bird’s eye view. That’s AERO’s job. AERO is equipped with powerful visual and thermal cameras for day and night vision, capable of autonomous human detection up to a 1000’ radius. For surveillance of perimeters, parking lots, ports, loading docks, and so much more, AERO provides the most efficient and effective, as well as the most spontaneous, wide-area coverage.

Let’s talk about that tether. While some may think that a tethered drone is akin to a caged bird, AERO’s umbilical cord is actually a source of many freedoms critical to its role as a security robot. First and foremost, it relieves AERO of FAA regulation. This means no drone pilot license is required and AERO may operate in situations in which free-flying drones are currently prohibited, such as directly over people and in certain no-fly zones. Connected to ROAMEO, it gives the security industry its first and only autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle solution that doesn’t require additional licensing and can be flown without line-of-sight human supervision.

Secondly, its tether provides power. While the flights of free-flying drones are limited by battery life, tethered drones receive power from their base stations. AERO is powered by ROAMEO. This gives it the ability to provide prolonged surveillance coverage without downtime for a recharge. AERO can stay aloft indefinitely.

And finally, AERO’s tether ensures highly secure communication between it and ROAMEO. Anti-drone RF jammers can’t mess with it. Malicious actors can’t bring it down or take over its flight. Video is also secure. Rather than transmitting through the air, AERO sends video back down its cable to ROAMEO, where it’s processed and stored.

In short, ROAMEO empowers human security teams to do more and perform better. And that’s exactly what AERO does for ROAMEO. Together, they bring contracted security services to new heights, literally and figuratively. Let’s hear it for teamwork!