The Pitch

About RAD•M


  • Numerous LOIs, valued at several million dollars, have been received from many of the most progressive companies in the security field.
  • RAD•M customers and end-users may realize a 50% savings in labor costs by reducing manned guarding staff when deploying the company’s mobile solutions.
  • CEO Steve Reinharz is a security industry leader with 25+ years of experience and an exit under his belt.
  • Mr. Reinharz has assembled an impressive management team with stellar security industry credentials as well as an extraordinary Board of Advisors.
  • The company has distribution and sales channels in place having served this industry with stationary autonomous security service devices and applications since 2016.

RAD•M is building the future of electric, fully-autonomous security robots for the North American security services industry.


Robotic Assistance Devices Mobile, Inc. (RAD•M), formally announced on September 18, 2020 is the sister company of Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., (OTCPK:AITX). RAD•M’s mission is to develop, invest in and build mobile solutions for the autonomous remote services industry. RAD will serve as the exclusive master distributor of products developed by RAD•M. RAD will also continue to provide stationary artificial intelligence-based solutions for the North American security services industry.


The US manned security guarding industry is estimated at nearly $30 billion, employing 1.1 million security guards. The costs and turnover in staffing these positions in the security industry are constantly on the rise. Increasing labor costs along with turnover rates up to 400% have a direct result in providing lower margins for the guarding companies.


RAD•M is building the future of electric, fully-autonomous security robots for the North American security services industry. With RAD•M robots, delivered through RAD, security service providers, contractors and property managers can greatly reduce manned security costs, security guard injuries, conflict liability incidents, increase digital archiving and reduce labor requirements by ~50%, allowing them to better compete and grow in a hyper-competitive market.

RAD•M, has released to market the ROAMEO (Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer) mobile security and concierge robotic vehicle. This multi-function security and facilities robot is the first of its kind in an industry that is often referred to as the ‘autonomous remote services’ industry. Steve Reinharz, founder of RAD•M, has issued a detailed explanation of this new industry that can be found here.

ROAMEO has many class-defining features, most notably of which is that the core technology is comparable to that of autonomous, self-driving passenger vehicles. RAD•M believes that the introduction of a fully autonomous, self-driving security robot to the market will be highly disruptive. With ROAMEO, security services can reduce staff by up to 50%, eliminate other costs, increase operating margins, and win new business over their competition.


RAD•M (through sister company and master distributor RAD) will offer relatively straightforward pricing on its flagship product ROAMEO:

Upfront ROAMEO Cost: $XXX

Software-as-a-Service Fee: $XXXX per month per unit

While the traditional security sector transitions from manned-security services that are burdened by high employee turnover, training costs and comparatively high hourly rates, RAD•M expects to receive minimal pushback from customers on its recurring subscription costs as a cost-saving alternative, considering its impact on customer P&Ls. Pre-orders from several industry leaders suggest initial pricing will be effective.

Technology & Product Roadmap

RAD•M is more than designer and manufacturer of robots, RAD•M along with RAD, delivers a complete autonomous security service platform. We’re aiming to produce an entire suite of fully-autonomous, mobile security devices that will disrupt the security service industries. Our products will automate the majority of security and video surveillance service offerings, allowing customers to hire and retain their most highly-skilled workers, to boost profit margins and to grow their businesses.

RAD•M, through RAD plans to solidify valuable customer relationships with large industry incumbents. With labor costs reduced from security and property patrol services via the introduction of its autonomous robot ROAMEO, RAD•M offers its customers an immediate and substantial boost in profits and an enhanced profile to their contracted clients.

A combination of AI-enabled machine learning, a 360 degree field-of-view routed through a robust analytic suite, all documented (HIPAA-compliant) securely on the cloud through enhanced cellular services will allow ROAMEO to map property patrol sites, plan and execute routes, avoid obstacles (i.e., people, trees, power posts), and collect and apply data to further optimize for precision and efficiency.

As an added benefit, ROAMEO will also interact with people along its patrol route, providing necessary calls for help, panic buttons, security alerts, etc., plus an unlimited number of concierge services including local information, weather, directions, plus profit generating advertising messaging.


The brains behind RAD•M have decades of experience developing Artificial-Intelligence (AI) devices powering much of the security industry’s solutions. Today they bring to market a robotic revolution named ROAMEO.