Mivil Deschenes

Mivil Deschênes has been a successful pioneer in the private and corporate security industry for over 30 years.

Hailing from the small town of Chicoutimi, Mivil started his career in the Canadian Armed Forces, where he successfully completed 20 years of service, receiving the Canadian Decoration as well as the Special Service Medal for his services with NATO. Mivil was the Deputy Provost Marshall when he opted to retire as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2001.

Moving on from the military to the corporate world, Mivil was the Global Head of Security for two of the world’s leading companies in both the mining and engineering sectors. In those roles, Mivil was a trailblazer. Developing effective corporate security strategy, managing personnel security, cyber security, physical security, business resilience, investigations and intelligence, as well as all security risk Assessments. Over the past 15 years, he has been successfully leading the response to numerous crisis situations including kidnaping, pandemic, illegal arrests and natural disasters.

Mivil is now taking his expertise to a new level. With his in depth knowledge and experience of corporate and private security, and extensive network of relationships and contacts within the governmental, corporate and private sectors, Mivil aims to provide superior security services and solutions to his clients.

Mivil has worked on all continents including living and operating in the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany. He is an active member of numerous associations including The International Security Management Association as well the International Association of Chief of Police, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, ASIS International and he is a Certified Fraud Examiner. Mivil is often invited as guest speaker and presenter on key security issues and undertakes various media and broadcast interviews. He is fluently bilingual (French and English), is a certified Fraud examiner and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Criminology from the Carleton University in Ottawa.

Beyond his commitment to his business and to his clients, Mivil enjoys pursuing his other passions – the great outdoors, golf, and his family. He can be found spending his free time at the cottage with his loved ones, fishing and enjoying nature. He is a vocal supporter and contributor of the Heart and Stroke foundation.