Brian C. McIlravey

Brian currently oversees the Customer Experience Team at Igloo Software with the single goal of making sure our customers are wildly successful in establishing their digital workplace as part of the digital transformation journey.

An experienced and established Senior Business leader with significant C level experience and 15+ years in tech and software development with a proven track record for building high performance teams, his true expertise and passion is customer success ensuring strategic customer success plans lead to new and continued recurring revenue and high retention. He is passionate at leading the development and implementation of innovative and ground-breaking ventures to advance business capabilities and provide results.

The former CEO of a world leader in incident management software solutions, he worked with over 1500 companies across 142 countries in establishing their incident management programs and has a proven and established background in working on C level teams, developing strategy, budgeting, planning, Board Level discussions and managing large P & L divisions, companies and people.

He is a respected leader, frequent speaker & educator on software, technology and digital transformation. He loves to travel for both business and pleasure, is an avid hockey player and plays lead guitar in a 50 something’s band called the Captains of Industry.