Ben Cordova

Mr. Cordova. Is currently President at GMI Integrated Facility Solutions company, one of the largest regional providers of janitorial, maintenance and professional security services in the state of California.  

Having spent over 27 years in the security business Mr. Cordova has created the ‘Integrated Security System’ which is one of our key hallmarks at GMI Security. The system takes a simple yet holistic approach to complex security solution needs of discerning clients. It essentially incorporates the best and most efficient use of security-based technology, policies and procedures, appropriate levels of security personnel and superior training to deliver maximum value to clients.

Prior to his corporate life, Mr. Cordova served as member of the US Marine Corps’ Special Ops team within the Force Reconnaissance division from 1974 to 1995. He spent many years on international assignments including the evacuation of Saigon, the peacekeeping force in Lebanon, Colombia, South America and served in the First Gulf War under President George HW. Bush.

After returning to the United States, Mr. Cordova served as a Special Instructor in Coronado before retiring from active duty. I transitioned into civilian life by working with SafeGuard Security and ITS Security managing their operations, sales and human resources.

When not working I love spending time with my grandkids helping develop their basketball game. I recently earned my black-belt in Aikido, a non-violent Japanese martial art that helps me understand and work with energy.