RAD•M is Driving the
Future of Security Guarding

Connected. Mobile. Inevitable.

$16 million* in conditional pre-orders

via LOIs, pre-orders and expected orders from exclusive distributor and key clients.

* Based on conditional pre-orders received and anticipated over 5-yr expected lifespan.

Security Guarding is Going Autonomous...and Mobile

The Global Video Surveillance Market size is expected to become a $75B billion dollar* industry by 2025. The Robotic Security market is expected to reach $2.4B billion** by 2022.

RAD•M, with its initial mobile robot ROAMEO is well positioned to seize and capitalize on these growing and lucrative markets.

* Source: Markets and Markets Research, April, 2020

** Source: Markets and Markets Research, June, 2016


The number of aggravated assault cases reported in 2018 in the US. Source: The US FBI.


Value of commercial property loses in the US to burglaries.


Providing manned security services during a pandemic is proving increasingly challenging.


The projected value (US demand) for private contracted security services by 2024.

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Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer

A Fully Functional, Mobile Robot

The guarding and security industries have waited long enough for a robot that it can count on.
Now they can say hello to ROAMEO.

Engineered to Perform​

Towering nearly 7' tall and loaded with the power to traverse miles of rugged terrain - autonomously, before heading home to recharge.

Designed to Impress

ROAMEO is more than just a powerhouse in security, guarding and deterrence, ROAMEO is the culmination of engineering, design and style.

ROAMEO, available for deliveries in Q3, 2021 with a nearly limitless number of applications and environments.

A Robot That Clients Want

ROAMEO is not a toy nor a gadget, and it won't vacuum your floor. But what ROAMEO will do is fundamentally transform your security services.

Manufactured to Endure

As solid as it is secure, ROAMEO is built to withstand the elements, keep rolling along and deter the bad guys.

Priced to Succeed

Available starting Q3, 2021 from RAD•M's exclusive global distributor, ROAMEO's subscription model makes deploying ROAMEO accessible to all.

The Technology

Robotic Security of the Future

RAD•M is designing and building electric, Automated Response Services devices (robots) exclusively for the guarding and security industry to counter labor shortages and rising wages in the US.

Advanced Technology and World Class Technology Partners

Guarding Companies Earn Higher Margins Deploying Robotic Solutions

Direct labor costs of the nearly 1.1 million “security guards” in the manned security industry continue to escalate ahead of revenue projection. The deployment of automated response service devices eliminates up to 40% or more of the labor costs.

It takes the sharpest minds and the most powerful innovators to disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry. And RAD•M has partnered with the best.

Years in Development,
Now Ready for Action

The marketplace has been promised functional robots for the past several decades – and the wait is now over. Very soon RAD•M, its distributor RAD, and their sales channel partners will be delivering ROAMEO, the world’s first, truly autonomous service robot.

Our Team

Who's behind RAD•M?
Meet the inventors, innovators and industry leaders making autonomous mobile robotics a reality.

The brains behind RAD•M have decades of experience developing Artificial-Intelligence (AI) devices powering much of the security industry's solutions. Today they bring to market a robotic revolution named ROAMEO.

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